“And they overcame [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…”

~Revelation 12:11

Video Testimonials

Powerful testimonies are shared by Apostle Berthold & Apostle Adilia’s children in the Lord.

All GLORY goes to JESUS!

Video Testimonials II

Breathtaking testimonies of how the LORD came through for His children.

Thank You Jesus !

Testimony III

Video Testimonials IV

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Written Testimonials

The names of the following persons have been fabricated to protect their identity.

"I keep dreaming of someone who died"

Karlie was struggling with lust and grief due to loss of a close friend by suicide. Often times, she experienced lucid dreams of her and her late friend having sexual conversations. Karlie would constantly have lustful thoughts about him. The Apostles had 1:1 counseling sessions with her over the span of a college semester.

Karlie revealed she felt guilt in not being “ a strong enough” Christian which is why her friend killed himself. This lie kept Karlie in bondage.

Apostle Berthold received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit of different demonic spirits she encountered nightly. After a corporate prayer with her, “the lustful dreams finally stopped.” Additionally, the Lord revealed to The Apostles why He allowed the suicide of her friend. This was closure for Karlie that made her rededicate her life to Jesus and freed her from guilt and shame.

Karlie, 21 y/o University Student 2021

"I feel lazy and only want to watch porn and masturbate"

Ryan was invited by Apostle Adilia to join a Bible study but he declined due to skepticism of religion. One evening, Ryan decided to “try out” the bible study. During a Bible study, Apostle Adilia received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit that “Ryan was feeling lazy and felt like he was stuck in a cycle of wanting to give his best in his academics but would end up losing motivation.” Ryan testified that the word was true and decided to schedule a 1:1 counseling session with The Apostles to learn more about what God had to say about his life.

In a 1:1 session, the Lord revealed to Apostle Berthold that Ryan struggled with a pornography addiction. Ryan confessed he struggled with “shame and hopelessness”. The Apostles used the Word of God to minister about God’s love for him.

The Apostles conducted a brief deliverance session with him. Ryan said,” I felt a heaviness leave”.

After counseling, Ryan said “I am truly grateful and thankful God put [The Apostles] in my life and that through the conversation I experienced God in a way I never knew possible.”

Ryan, 18 y/o University Student 2021

"I can’t stop crying, I feel so loved."

Taylor is a Nigerian woman who aspired to obtain an MD PhD. She is an only child and was faced with great pressure from both parents to excel academically. Despite having a 3.96 GPA on a 4.0 scale for her cumulative GPA, Taylor still felt she was “never enough”.

Apostle Adilia invited Taylor to a “prophetic day” at the Bible study. Apostle Berthold met Taylor for the first time at the Bible study. Apostle Berthold prophesied to her: “The Lord is saying He is restoring your joy and hope in this season. He wants to deliver you from depression and anxiety.”

Taylor was shocked and began to sob. She confessed that she was struggling with “depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts due to the fears of failing”. Before this moment, she expressed to Apostle Adilia that she was “very skeptical of the prophetic” but now acknowledges that God still moves this way in today’s time. She expressed that she was convinced that God cared for her intimately.

As Taylor cried throughout the rest of the Bible Study, the Lord revealed He was actually healing her heart.

“I am so happy I crossed paths with The Apostles, this community I have found within this bible study has encouraged me so much. I feel so loved.”

Taylor, 21 y/o, University Student, 2021

"I could never have imagined..."

Benjamin is an international student who came to the United States to obtain his masters degree. Benjamin’s ultimate goal is to obtain his PhD. However, due to his poor GRE scores in the mathematics section he was unable to get accepted into a PhD program. To improve his score, he decided to take remedial Undergraduate mathematics courses yet he still did not get a satisfactory score on the GRE.

The Lord revealed to the Apostles that Benjamin’s poor performance was deeply rooted in childhood trauma and demons of low self-esteem and fear. Benjamin shared that he suffered from intrusive thoughts when he would take his exams which would make him fail.

After inquiring to the Lord, He told the Apostles that the wisdom to solve Benjamin’s situation was to use Apostle Berthold as a “solution.”

Apostle Berthold has expertise in the field of mathematics and the Lord told him to use his gift to tutor Benjamin weekly. By God’s grace, through weekly 1:1 counseling sessions and mathematics tutoring Benjamin shared “ [he] [was] more confident in what he knew in math and learned so much.”

At the end of his semester, Benjamin arrived at bible study with great joy as he shared a testimony of getting an “A” in two math courses for the first time ever, something he “never could have imagined.”

Benjamin shared: “I experienced the love of God through The Apostles and grew in understanding that God deeply cares for me.”

Benjamin, 26 y/o Graduate Student, 2021

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